I don’t know what to feel.

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Hanbin & Lee hi @ yg family con in seoul | cr.swagxxxyz

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Why does Baekhyun owe us an explanation? Who are you to say that? Yes, it is understandable that his daily life is in public already since he’s an idol, but he’s not yours. Sorry for being blunt and for hurting your feelings but wake up! He didn’t sign a contract saying he would never have a girlfriend, if it’s true or not, it’s none of your business because that’s the reality. He doesn’t know you and maybe he doesn’t care about how you feel. These things are his personal decisions. He doesn’t need to ask permission for you to allow him to date! Yes, you buy his albums and merchandises; you pay a lot of money just to see him in person, but hate to tell you the truth, but fanservice is the only thing he can give you because YOU ARE JUST A FAN. Here, take a cup of reality. Idols don’t need to explain things about their personal life— It’d be alright id it’s about the group, but this is his personal life. Taeyeon is so nice, she’s even saying sorry when she doesn’t really need to. Who cares if you’ve known Baekhyun for 2 years, it doesn’t mean you’re a big part of his life. He has lived 19 years of his life without your money keeping him alive. I’m so sorry, but you are nothing to him and you don’t have the right to start a drama like your boyfriend was stolen from you or bash the girl he’s dating.  I’m not saying this just because I’m a Baekyeon shipper, but Baekhyun also needs to find his true love and you should also read this post again.

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oh baby
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"kai never saves numbers on his phone"

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Baek’s heart

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she wants me, she's got me, she hurts me. 
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"The one and only baddest female."

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